InsureVue - Demo Program

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Healthcare Professionals - Demo

Completion of this online application will allow you to submit an application for insurance. Information entered will form the basis of the insurance contract should a policy be issued. The risk is not bound until policy documents are issued.


Participation is subject to the following eligibility criteria:
  • The Applicant hereby agrees to the use of an online process for making an Application for insurance as described.
  • The Applicant hereby agrees to the electronic delivery or presentation for download of the Policy and related documentation (including the application for insurance) for the insurance transaction.
  • You must agree to our use of your personal information for the purposes of determining your eligibility.
  • Underwriter Approval of your application is required.


Your Professional Liability coverage(s) will be placed with a program administered by ABC Insurance Brokers. ABC Insurance Brokers has engaged in a competitive marketing process to offer a competitive product. We have negotiated this Program on a group basis with insurers but we have not acted as a broker for any individual participant.

This Program may be for a term of several years and may not be negotiated annually.


You consent to the collection, use, disclosure and retention of your Personal Information as set out in the Privacy Policy, and you understand that you may (subject to certain restrictions and consequences) later withdraw your consent as to any or all of the purposes identified in that Policy.

You agree that by clicking "I agree to the terms", below, you are electronically acknowledging that you have read and agree to be bound by the Terms, and that such acknowledgement shall be the legal equivalent of your written signature, and further agree that the Terms constitute a binding contract between you and ABC Insurance Brokers.

For the purposes of this demo, underwriting rules are not enforced.

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